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About MultiCam

Ready to head home and you want to check the traffic? MultiCam is the fastest way to get to the traffic web cams that matter to you. Instead of browsing to a web site and working your way through the menus and map graphics to find a web camera just open MultiCam on your iPhone and go straight to the camera you want with one click. Flick through the other cameras along your route, in order, with a simple Next button.

Should I stay or should I go?

The traffic is slowing to a crawl. Is it going to clear quickly or is it time to bail and find a better route? Open MultiCam, select the nearest camera with one click and then flick through the web cams along your route to see how far the congestion continues.

MultiCam Boston

Traffic web cams for commuters in Boston, Ma

Start here. There are 151 cameras in 5 groups. The arrow shapes hide or show each group. Touch a line to select that camera

The cameras take a new picture approximately every two minutes. Click the Refresh button to get the latest picture

Click the Favorite button on a camera page to select the cameras you use most. They will be added to your Favorites list

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Touch the Previous and Next buttons to quickly move through the cameras in sequence. No need to go back to the list to change cameras. In Favorites mode the Previous and Next buttons select only the cameras on the Favorites list

Confirm the application version.

Next Camera

Touch the Edit mode on any camera page, or the + button in List View, to check or modify the links or add a new page

Customize the description or add a new link if you have a web page you want to include in MultiCam

MultiCam's pre-loaded views are .jpg pictures. If you add your own links they will probably be best viewed as Web Pages